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Our style-centered vision

All charges are a security deposit to confirm an appointment.  

We are sad to say we often time wasters who just happen to be passing and ruin it for the regular and serious clients.

We have a very strict appointment policy and value our time so please respect our policy and we will endeavour to fulfil your requests.

No Show means loss of deposit. We require 24 hours notice of any type of cancellation. This allows to accommodate other clients (most of whom are travelling in excess of 60 Miles) whom are on the waiting list from previous weeks or month. We only have 6 appointments per day so we can not accomadate every one and only have one client in an appointment only area.

We often get many browsers that happen to be just passing and want an appointment. Sorry you need to book in advance and same day weekend appointments are rarely available as weekends are often booked up 6 weeks in advance.

Thank you for visiting.

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